• Effective & proven protocol to lower your body fat percentage while enjoying foods you love 
  • 3 resistance training sessions per week 
  • 2 light cardio sessions per week 
  • 4 month, well balanced training routine 
  • Intermittent fasting mastery 
  • Sky rocket your sex appeal 
  • Boost focus & mental clarity 
  • Learn why breakfast is NOT the most important meal of the day 
  • Learn the strategic macronutrient intake to shred body fat with MyFitnessPal 
  • Leave people around you wondering how the hell you did it 
  • 47 pages of important value packed knowledge 
  • And MUCH more!


Struggling to know how to implement a successful intermittent fasting strategy within your life? Then this is right up your ally.

You provide me with your:

Goal, day job, typical eating routine, schedule, favorite foods list, any past health issues and a few other details.

I then provide you with:

  • A 7 day meal plan that can be used week-after-week and tweaked to your liking
  • My recommended fasting method (16:8, 18:6, 20:4, OMAD)
  • Your recommended best eating window personally tailored towards your specific daily routine
  • The correct carbs/fats/protein split to achieve your goal
  • The Intermittent fasting mastery e-book
  • The Spartan Workout Program
  • Dealing with fasted training, vacation, alcohol, plus more


Learn how to enjoyably and sustainably shred body fat whilst packing on slabs of muscle revealing your true genetic potential. 

Men over 30: you will reclaim your youth. You will look and feel BETTER than you did in your 20's, well into your 40's and 50's.

Sky rocket testosterone levels and up your sex drive like never before.

Don't just take my word for it.

  • Hundreds of recipes
  • IF & fitness podcast database useful information
  • Various style work out programs (new programs added frequently)
  • Macro ratio coaching
  • Best intermittent fasting foods list for body recomposition
  • Optimize testosterone guide
  • Supplementation guide to maximize muscle growth
  • 25-50% off fitness coaching if purchased together (silver + gold only)
  • Up to 50% off all other Everfit products (siver + gold only)
  • Access to me for questions (silver + gold only)
  • Monthly IFSA newsletter

Discover how you can do it through the Intermittent Fasting Success Accelerator.


Need help with accountability? Need someone to answer your training questions? Need a custom training plan tailored to exactly how you want? Anything fitness related, I can help fast track you to success.

Fitness coaching can be combined with my IFSA program for a significant discount.

  • Personalized workout - 100% personalized workout plan tailored just for you & your goals
  • Personalized meal plan - 100% personalized meal plan tailored just for you & your favorite foods
  •  24/7 access to me for your questions via WhatsApp (except when I'm sleeping, all other times I answer virtually right away)
  • Monthly or weekly personal consultations via video call on WhatsApp messenger & adjustments based on your progress
  • Monthly or weekly calorie & ma&ronutrient coaching
  • Monthly or weekly supplement coaching
  • Monthly or weekly strength training coaching
  • Monthly or weekly cardio training coaching
  • Up to 50% off all other Everfit Products
  • Access to private facebook group that includes like minded, motivated individuals just like yourself. Share ideas, answer questions, become a true part of the Everfit Army